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Aaryani Sahay

Social Entrepreneur | Advocate | Ashoka Young Changemaker | Researcher | Public Speaker

Aaryani Sahay

Aaryani Sahay

The International School, Bangalore

I am a 17-year-old student at the International School of Bangalore. My interests lie in social entrepreneurship, public speaking, and advocacy. I enjoy exploring the intersection between economics, psychology, politics, and anthropology. My core values are authenticity, empathy, and integrity.

My vision is to create a world in which nobody hesitates to seek support. To achieve this, I co-founded a global initiative, Let’s Talk, which aims to spread mental health awareness.

Your Mental Health Is Important! (Let's Talk)

Project Let’s Talk is a youth-led mental health awareness organization started in 2018 that conducts interactive awareness sessions with adolescents.

We work towards creating safe spaces for students to embrace vulnerability and find their voices. With content created in collaboration with experts and professionals, the organization consists of a global team of 200 passionate volunteers that collaborate with leading mental health organizations.

Research Papers, Projects & Evaluations

The Effect of Poverty on Gift Giving Selection of Utilitarian or Hedonic Gifts

The paper hypothesized that individuals from poor communities gifted more utilitarian products that those in other income groups due to differing gift giving motivations. The study asked participants (N=203) from a range of socio-economic backgrounds to choose between a utilitarian gift and a hedonic gift at four different price ranges. Results found that those in lowest income group chose a larger proportion of utilitarian gifts than other income ranges. Consequently, the hypothesis was accepted.

Aaryani Sahay

Pioneer Research Program Evaluation

Evaluation of Research Paper

Forced Assimilation: An Analysis of the Economic Implications of 2004 Headscarf Ban in France

This paper analyses the economic implications of the 2004 Headscarf Ban in France in terms of educational outcomes of Muslim women, native and immigrant surplus, support for redistribution and inequality, and welfare of French natives and immigrants.

The Book Of Wellness

During the pandemic, I co-authored ‘The Book of Wellness’ with physical and mental health professionals to promote positive well-being. The proceeds of my book were used to provide 7000 meals to the hungry and 1000+ covid kits to front-line workers.